Our Services

  • Psychic Mediumship Session
    30 or 55 Minute Psychic Mediumship Session to connect with Spirit, Loved Ones, Angels and Guides.  This session brings you connection and clarity.
  • Introductory Call
    15 minutes

    Interested in learning more about the work I do? Ready to take the step forward into something more? Book this introductory call to discuss what you would like to create, and we’ll go from there. Sending Love, Light, and Blessings! H

  • One on One Session
    75 minutes (1 hr 15 min)

    One on one session to include Energy Healing and Intuitive Coaching.

  • Onboarding for Amp Your Light, Amp Your Life
    1 hour

    Welcome to my Signature Program, Amp Your Light, Amp Your Light! This is your onboarding session for our 12 weeks together.

  • Amp Your Light, Amp Your Life
    12 Weeks

    This 12 week program takes you on a journey of soul alignment and transformation.  If you are ready to say a BIG, “YES!” to your next level, this is for you.  Book your call to discuss your goals and see if this is the perfect fit.  This program has weekly support and 6 in depth modules to create that forward momentum into your LIGHT filled LIFE

Energy Healing

Welcome to my healing space in the world.  Wherever you are, know that the power of WHR will also be supporting you on your journey.

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