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Welcome to WHR Healing, your home for
Holistic Health and Wellness for Mind, Body, and Spirit. My name is Heather McCormick Rimey, and I
help women get into SOUL Alignment and SHINE!

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Hi, and thank you for your interest in Wild Hair Ranch Healing!

I am a divinely guided Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Coach, and Embodiment Specialist.  I inspire and guide my clients to create great transformation in their lives with Energy Healing, Holistic Coaching, and Channeled Messages from the Divine.  This creates actionable steps of Mindset, Meditation, and Movement.  I believe in working through all levels, from cellular to spiritual, to help bust through limitations and create a life you truly love.  From our sessions you will take home tools that you can use to reinforce and sustain the work and changes we manifest together. I believe that wherever you are, there is great possibility to feel (even) better.  And I would love to assist you on that journey.

I know first-hand the challenges and amazing rewards of transforming your life, and listening to your SOUL.  If you are ready to say, “YES!” to you, to create a life you truly love, it is time for us to talk.  Book a complimentary call now to get started.

XO- Heather

What our customers say about us

“I’m so grateful for the work I have done with Heather. Her angelic nature combined with her powerful healing abilities create beautiful transformations. I leave a session with Heather feeling lighter, inspired and uplifted.“

“You are an amazing guide. I felt supported and safe and inspired to reach for new thoughts and given the tools to do so.“

“I’ve had several incredible sessions with Heather of WHR Healing and I highly recommend that everyone do the same! Heather has an innate & powerful gift to help bring things up and out that no longer serve as well as also find strengths & positive aspects that work. My personal experience also included healing of some deep-rooted childhood wounds – I felt refreshed and free. Thank you Heather and WHR Healing!”

“Heather’s energy healings and guidance is so powerful! After the incredible breakthrough sessions I’ve had, I highly recommend WHR Healing. Heather helped me through a breakup by releasing energy that wasn’t serving my highest and best. On another occasion she helped bring relief and protection to a past life version of myself that showed up for healing one afternoon. Other times it has been to help me through my ascension journey and connect me more deeply to my guides and highest timeline, and release any residual muck that was getting in my way. Hands down, it’s always a good time, I feel amazing after and she brings so much confirmation to my experiences. She also provides great follow up support. I consider Heather a part of my team!”

“Heather and WHR Healing has been an absolutely amazing gift in my life. I was struggling with connection and feeling blocked. With the tools I was given and the energy received, I noticed a difference and so did those around me. I couldn’t be more grateful to Heather and would highly recommend WHR Healing to anyone I know! ”