Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash
I was there.
A few years ago, I was facing this exactly.
Feeling unworthy.
Putting on the face.
Pretending you’re okay.
Feeling guilt that you aren’t happier and more thankful for what you have?
And the cycle continues…..
Day after day,
It feels like groundhog day.
Checking out.
Staying quiet.
Pretending it’s all okay.
Not sleeping.
Relationships suffer.
You feel miserable.
Getting by and coping by whatever means necessary.
On the outside it looks like you have it all.  So why don’t you feel like it?
Do you find yourself numbing out, and getting caught in future worries?  Are you not in the present moment due to anxiety?
Then you feel guilty because you do have so much?
And the cycle continues?
I did search for help.
I read books.
Saw professionals.
Went to more yoga.
Did all the workshops.
Amped up my self care.
But, it wasn’t until I dug deep, worked with my mentor, and through a system of deep healing that my life totally changed.
I finally stepped forward in rewriting my life.  No longer feeling okay with good enough.  No longer judging my life by other people’s standards.
I finally felt safe to shine.
I can
Welcome in more fun into my life.
Sleep well.
Fully enjoy my life at a whole new level.
Live my truth.
Move through my days without constant anxiety.
Feel safe in doing my work in the world.
Creating a life I truly love.
Do you want to say good bye to the numb?
I know you can feel better.
You can shine your light.
Book a call if you’d like to discuss.
Your light is needed.
Sending you such big love.